Office 365: What’s the Best Plan For You?

It’s Time to Make the Jump to Office 365 The more specific your needs are as a company, the more difficult it can be to find a software platform that makes sense. Transitioning to a cloud computing solution might seem like a massive undertaking, and we assure you that it’s a big decision to make. […]

Dedicated Server Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

Your business needs a reliable source of technology. When it comes to IT, you’ll need a variety of resources to support your employees. Today, hosting services are extremely important as they keep the operations of your company running smoothly. More importantly, your host is the foundation for all your computing systems. Shared hosting is the […]

The Only Way is Up with Cloud Computing: Key Benefits of Switching to the Cloud

Cloud computing is evolving today like never before, with companies of all shapes and sizes looking to the cloud for their storage, disaster recovery, and performance needs. If you’ve never encountered “the cloud” before, then don’t worry – it’s easy enough to understand. Cloud computing is computing hosted on the “cloud”. Where previously, people would […]