Outsourced IT Support

NETcare, Custom-Tailored to Meet Your Needs

No matter what area your company needs assistance in, Pure IT has the solution for you. We offer IT solutions including 24/7 support, Virtual CIO offerings, vendor management, and IT equipment procurement to optimize your network for peak performance. Find out how Pure IT can help your team reach your goals today, and check out our full-range service offerings. Having an in-house IT guy is expensive, but by partnering with Pure IT, you gain the expertise of our computer engineers, support how you want it, and the ability to plan for your future.

Designed and built around small and medium-sized businesses, our full team of IT professionals is available for your IT needs whenever you need us. Whether you need 24/7 support or just a phone call, our team is reachable! Our constant availability ensures your IT doesn’t fall victim to the many preventable issues businesses find themselves trying to fix. With our NETcare Program, you can efficiently budget your IT and build a plan around how many services your business needs.

  • NETcare Fixed – Our complete suite of services for one monthly price.
  • NETcare Flex – Our “a la carte” option for a customized plan you only pay for the help you need.

We designed our NETcare packages to help our clients choose what level of support they need. What works for one company doesn’t work for others. When you partner with Pure IT, you get peace of mind knowing someone has your back.

NETcare gives you peace of mind.

Pure IT gives you everything else.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Looking for peace of mind? Pure IT’s 24/7 monitoring, and support services keep your network in check, even after you go home. We keep watch over your IT for reliable, high-quality service. The last thing you want is to come into work one morning and discover there’s an error with your network. We take care of everything so that you can continue business, as usual, no matter what.

IT Consulting/VCIO

It can feel impossible to find the executive-level experience at an affordable rate. That’s why Pure IT offers Virtual CIO services, so you can find the expertise you need without torpedoing your budget. We take care of all the services you need to map out your long-term strategy, technology and all.

Vendor Management

It’s never been easier to keep all your technology vendors on the same page then it is with Pure IT’s vendor management offering. We offer comprehensive consultation so that your providers are all working toward one cohesive goal: providing optimal service for your company.

Hardware and Software Procurement

Finding the perfect IT equipment for your unique company poses a difficult challenge. With Pure IT’s knowledgeable team of expert technicians, we’ll help you procure an optimal hardware and software solution for your company. Not every company requires the same technology; at Pure IT, it’s our job to find a unique solution that makes the most sense for your budget, long-term goals, and personnel.