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Many businesses underestimate the value of having expert IT support—until they need it! That’s where Pure IT comes in. Whether you’re seeking full-time or on-call IT support, over-the-phone or onsite assistance, we offer thorough, 24/7 care. Our friendly technicians are available after hours and on weekends; they can even fill in for your employees during holidays and sick days.

We offer deployment and customization in Exchange, SharePoint, Windows Server, network security and desktop upgrades. In short, we’re always ready to help. And always at a rate that suits your budget.

We recommend The NETcare Program

Pure IT’s NETcare Program, high-level service designed for small and medium-sized businesses, puts an entire team of IT professionals at your disposal. Which means increased incident avoidance (by eliminating preventable IT failures) and increased business uptime for you. The NETcare Program brings: priority-response service; reduced IT overhead expenses (no vacation, no benefits, no training); and trusted reporting on monitored devices, which becomes valuable information in decisions on infrastructure upgrades and replacements.

Choose from two packages: NETcare Fixed, which is easy to budget for, offering our complete suite of services; or NETcare Flex, a flexible “a la carte” option, for a customized service plan where you only pay for the assistance you need.

“Their team is responsive, timely and very professional.”

—Development Manager of a local charity

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