Cyber Insurance: Is It Worth It?

Protect Your Critical Infrastructure What sort of solution do you have in place for when things go south for your IT? You have insurance for your house and car, so why not have a similar level of protection for your technology? Cyber insurance is a category of insurance that helps businesses and individuals against internet-based […]

Cybersecurity Threats to Look Out For

Protect What Matters To Your Company You might have a sound cybersecurity solution in place for the time being, but what happens when hackers become more sophisticated? What happens when cyberthreats evolve over time, and the network security you have doesn’t change with them? If you’re stuck with a stagnant, outdated cybersecurity solution, you might […]

Office 365: What’s the Best Plan For You?

It’s Time to Make the Jump to Office 365 The more specific your needs are as a company, the more difficult it can be to find a software platform that makes sense. Transitioning to a cloud computing solution might seem like a massive undertaking, and we assure you that it’s a big decision to make. […]

Security Employee Training

Are You Prepared For a Cyberattack? You might have an airtight cybersecurity solution in place, but what happens if a threat sneaks through and affects your employees? Are they in a position where they could repel a cyberthreat? Your business critical information and sensitive data needs to be protected at all times, and an underprepared […]

Preparing for the Transition to Outsourced IT

Thinking about outsourcing your IT resources? Being successful in an ever-changing business depends upon your ability to focus on your strengths while mitigating your weaknesses. Outsourcing is a great way to address both these needs while staying flexible and reducing risk. Choosing to outsource your IT needs is an excellent way to access the latest […]

Why Invest in Vendor Management

Clarify your vision with Vendor Management If you utilize several different vendors, you need a management platform that keeps everything organized. You need someone that brings expert knowledge to the table; someone who can assist you with managing third-party vendors, and make sure that everyone stays on the right track. Aligning your vendors with your […]

The Top Benefits of Remote Desktop Support

Just think back to five years ago. The work environment was completely different. Offices were fully-reliant on in-house support or emergency services in-person support, but those days are quickly vanishing.  In today’s age, IT support is a critical necessity and remote desktop systems are quickly taking the world by storm. In this virtually dominated era, […]

How to Phish Your Employees

Cyber-crimes occur everywhere. A security threat can strike your network from any angle at any time. Hackers are on a mission to compromise your confidential data. They have the ability to break through your firewall through a variety of methods. Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit […]

Dedicated Server Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

Your business needs a reliable source of technology. When it comes to IT, you’ll need a variety of resources to support your employees. Today, hosting services are extremely important as they keep the operations of your company running smoothly. More importantly, your host is the foundation for all your computing systems. Shared hosting is the […]

How Embracing Technology Improves your Business

In the business world, there are still many companies out there that vastly underestimate the importance of a strong technology plan. While many organizations know that they need to be digitally connected, they tend to take their IT for granted. The good news is that by making sure that your technology strategy is, and continues to […]